Train your legs as hard as you train the other body parts. 

Why it is necessary ? Because when you workout the legs and thighs – Testosterone level increases in the body which is the most essential hormone for muscle growth and indirectly enhances the growth and clarity of other muscle groups of your body. Also, you never want to have an uneven body with big biceps, nice looking shoulders with unappealing legs.

Moreover, if the foundation is strong then the upper structure becomes more stable. For instance, if the legs of a table are weak then it may not be able to carry enough weight on it.

If you are not already training your legs hard, then start from today. It may take sometime for you to get habitual but when you will start doing it, you will feel the visible difference.

Try to train your legs at-least once in a week. Make sure to maintain your posture- Chest Out & Straight Back. Start with light weights in the beginning and gradually increase them in your later sets.