Lose weight by drinking water | 10 Benefits of drinking water !!

Water is the most essential element to life on this planet. Our body consists of 70% water.

Do you know that 74% of the people are dehydrated and dehydration results in decreasing the metabolism by 3-4%.

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, you must drink 3-4 litres of water everyday.

Benefits of drinking water

1. Lose Weight : You can flush out the toxins of the fat breakdown from your body by drinking water. Also, water has no calories so just grab a water bottle intead of sweetened/cold drinks and get healthier.

2. Get young with healthy skin : Skin is the biggest organ in our body and all the organs have water in them.

Drink more water as water helps to replenish the skin tissues, moisturise your skin and increases the skin elasticity. So, always make sure that you are hydrated.

3. Increased productivity : Your brain contains 90% water so it actually makes sense to make yourself hydrated when you are in office. Instead of drinking coffee all day, drinking water will actually help you to increase concentration.

4. Better gym workouts and exercise : Water maintains the temperature of your body and it prevents your body of going in survival mode when temperature of body increases while working out in gym. So, you can actually have more energy to complete your workout efficiently.

5. Improves digestion : Drinking water actually helps with gastric disorders and it makes the digestion strong.

6. Fights cramps : If you are dehydrated then you may have cramps in your legs or shoulders. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and if you are an athlete.

7. Fights diseases and general illness : Water removes all the bad toxins from your body and helps to keep you fit and active.

8. More muscles : Nutrients reach the muscles easliy through blood stream of the body is hydrated and repairing of the muscle tissues increases indirectly and thus improves the muscle quantity.

9. Mood lifter : Considering all the above factors, drinking water actually improves the lifestyle and helps you be in a happy state of mind.

10. Decreases the workload of kidney : The function of kidney is to purify the blood and water actually helps to manage the workload of the same.



How to get maximum result from supplements | Simple Trick !!

Many people ask me this question – Why I’m not getting results from the supplement ? or in other words – How long does it take for supplements to show results ?

If you have just joined the gym and thinking to purchase  bobybuilding supplements like whey protein, creatine and likewise then wait for couple of weeks.

Your body needs sometime to adapt in a new environment and you should wait till your body is ready to accept something extra in your body other then daily meals.

Never think about supplements in the beginning and just focus on the workout and make your foundation strong. Moreover, push your body and give your 100% during the workout session.

However, if you are doing gym from few months now and you have made up your mind to use supplements then you must know the procedure of consuming the same and how to get results from the nutrients available in your supplement box.

Most of the people fail to get results from their whey protein or other bodybuilding supplements because they don’t have the knowledge to use the suppplements nor they have a set schedule and dosage timings.

First of all, make a schedule of consuming supplements and give your body sufficient time to digest it. You are actually loading your body with excess of nutrients and if you are not disciplined then you will never the results out of it.

For instance, whey protein should be consumed atleast 2 times (early in the morning and post workout) to get the maximum benefits from the same. However, if you can consume whey protein before your bed then you are actually utilizing the supplement for best results.

Simple trick to get maximum results from supplements :

Everyone will suggest you to choose the supplement brand and best supplement stack to purchase but nobody will tell you the strategy to get results from the same.

In order to utilize the supplement, you need to drink atleast 3-4 litres of water everyday.

YES, you need to drink more water which actually takes the nutrients in your blood stream which is finally supplied to your muscles.

If you cannot manage to drink 3-4 litres of water a day then don’t waste your money by purchasing supplements.