Magic supplement for Vascularity !!

Vascularity is the most discussed topic in bodybuilding as everyone wants to look vascular and we keep on finding different ways to get the visible veins.

Vascularity plays and important role in order to look more defined, ripped and shredded and I have seen people who can go to any extent to become vascular.

Without further ado, lets talk about the magic supplement which will make you vascular immediately. Yes, you heard me right! The name of the supplement which is gonna make you feel like a beast in your workout with veins popping out from your muscles is Niacin.

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Niacin contains vitamin B3 which really helps in increasing your metabolism. Basically, you have to overdose your body with Niacin otherwise you will not see any results.

How much dosage of Niacin should I take ?

Niacin should be consumed 1 hr before the workout and it is considered as one of the best pre-workout supplement.

1 tablet of 500 mg is sufficient to see the insane pumps and vascularity right while you are doing workout.

For how long can I take Niacin ?

Niacin is not a 12 month supplement and it should be consumed if you want to have photo shoot or if you are going on a beach and of course if you are an athlete with serious competitions scheduled for the day.

Also, you should not consume Niacin after 3 weeks as it is not recommended and you may stop getting the results as your will be saturated.

Side effects of Niacin ?

There are as such no side effects of Niacin but one will get the itchy and reddish skin (this is also known as niacin flush). Consuming too much of Niacin is called as niacin flush.