Shock Your Muscles To Grow !! | Tips To Grow Your Muscles

We are receiving too many queries from the people that they unable to add  muscle plus finding it tough to add inches on biceps and grow other body parts even after following regular exercise schedule & eating clean diet.

Basically, they have reached the plateau where the muscles are not responding effectively. This happens because the body gets used to a particular exercise schedule and do not respond the same way as it used to do in the beginning.

The body is aware that you will do lift a particular weight with calculated repetitions and defined number of sets.

You can also call this as ‘Comfort Zone’.

In order to get rid of the plateau and to gain more muscle, one should try with different variations of exercise and change the workout schedule every 6 weeks.

There are different combinations which you can try to develop the muscles and the same are listed below :

  1. Increase repetitions : If you do 10-12 repetitions then increase them to 14-16 or 16-18.
  2. Lift heavy weights : If your lifting weights from sometime now then its time to increase the weights. Try to add at-least 5-10 pounds in every set.
  3. Change the type of exercise : Add different types of exercise instead of performing the basic one. Try free weights instead of working with machines.
  4. Drop Sets : Make the last set of every exercise to be the drop set. Make sure to take help of a friend or trainer to remove the weights gradually.
  5. Take complete rest : Sleep minimum 7-8 hours a day for faster recovery. It will actually help you to gain more muscle.
  6. Take leave form gym : Just relax and do not go to gym for a week. I know this is the most difficult part once you are in a habit of performing regular exercises but in order to exit the plateau, you have to do this. Once you start the gym again, I bet that you will feel the same pump and soreness which you felt when you joined gym for the first time.