Cheapest Fat Burner In The World – Coffee !! | 9 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

World’s Best and Cheapest Fat Burner :

Whether you are an athlete or not, everyone wants to get rid of the excess fat present in the body and there are many supplements available in the market for fat burning.

But the World’s cheapest ingredient to burn fat is already available in your kitchen and i.e ‘Coffee’.

‘Coffee is the natural fat burner that works’. You now have a reason to start loving coffee 🙂

Yes, just by drinking black coffee everyday, you can burn the body fat 😉 and there are no side effects of using this.

Caffeine is considered as the best fat burner this world and is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders. There are many other benefits of drinking coffee and we will cover that in a moment from now.

Which is the best time to drink coffee to burn fat ?

  1. Early Morning : Drink one cup of black coffee (add sugar free tablet if required).
  2. Pre-Workout : Before going to GYM, drink one cup of black coffee. Also, try adding carbohydrates(small meal) for best results.
  3. Post Workout : Some people recover really fast after the exercise but for the others, it takes more time. So, adding coffee with the post workout meal will enhance the recovery.

Benefits of drinking black coffee :

  1. Coffee works as a fat burner : It improves the metabolism up-to 11% and dramatically increase fat burning potential.
  2. Coffee is the best Pre-workout supplement : Coffee helps you exercise more better. It gives spike to the adrenaline which further helps increasing exercise performance by 10-12%.
  3. Coffee is good for your heart : It reduces the risk of heart failure.
  4. It improves brain function : Coffee make you smarter. It improves your mood and energy levels.
  5. Coffee is rich in Antioxidants : Antioxidants helps in fighting with free radicals in the body and there are approximately 1000 different antioxidants in coffee bean.
  6. It lowers the chances of developing cancer.
  7. Coffee is rich in nutrients : It contains nutrients like magnesium, potassium and likewise.
  8. Coffee helps in fighting depression : Studies have shown that drinking coffee regularly can save from anxiety and depression issues.
  9. It build your immunity : You can stay away from many diseases by drinking coffee on regular basis.


ASHWAGANDHA ! | 12 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha | Best Ayurvedic Herb


Ashwagandha is a powerful Ayurvedic herb which has healing properties. It is also used in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Ashwagandha is cost effective and can be easily sourced.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

There are many benefits of Ashwagandha. Some of them are listed below :

  1. Ashwagandha helps is relieving stress and depression.
  2. It enhances the overall fitness.
  3. Ashwagandha acts as a mood up lifter (strong rejuvenate).
  4. Treats insomnia and promotes sound sleep.
  5. It stimulates the thyroid.
  6. Helps in Fatigue.
  7. Useful in generalized weakness.
  8. Used in the treatment of joint pains.
  9. Ashwagandha supports and improves brain function.
  10. Supports normal inflammatory response.
  11. It is one of the powerful aphrodisiac : Increases sexual desire.
  12. Fights in controlling diabetes.

How to take Ashwagandha ?

It is always recommended to take Ayurvedic herbs with warm milk because Ayurvedic herbs does wonders when taken with milk.

You can consume Ashwagandha twice a day with milk. If you taking in the form of powder then add 1 teaspoon in 1 glass of warm milk.

However, if you are taking in capsules form then consume up to 500 mg in one serving.

What is the best time to take Ashwagandha ?

Best time to take Ashwagandha is during your breakfast and just before you sleep.

**Always remember to take Ayurvedic herbs with warm milk for maximum benefits.


What is L-Carnitine ? Why you should take it ? | Real Science of Fat Loss | Benefits of L-Carnitine

Howdy Guys,

Lets talk about L-Carnitine :

The name L-Carnitine comes from a greek work ”Carnus” which means meat.

L-Carnitine is the damn good amino acid. It is naturally produced in our body which is pretty much sufficient for the normal function. But if you are an athlete, sportsperson or into bodybuilding then you need to add more quantity of L-Carnitine in your body.

We get L-Carnitine from non vegetarian as well as from vegetarian food like meat, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Benefits of L-Carnitine :

Basically, L-Carnitine transforms the stored fat into energy. It pushes the stored fatty acids in the blood stream which is finally burned as energy through exercise. Also, it increases the blood flow so that more nutrients will be supplied to the muscles.

It is a simple fat burning strategy and will not at all affect your muscles.

Other benefits of using L-Carnitine are listed below :

  1. Improves heart health
  2. Enhance male fertility and increases the sperm count
  3. Improves brain function (Neurological benefits)
  4. Healthy immune system (Antioxidant properties)
  5. Useful in diabetes prevention and treatment
  6. Workout recovery
  7. Improves vascularity

How much L-Carnitine you can take :

Consuming 2-3 gram of L-Carnitine per day (split the dosage with early morning, pre and post workout) is totally safe if you are an athlete and have serious goals.

Remember to drink at-least 3-4 litres of water while taking this supplement.