What is HIIT ? | 10 Benefits of HIIT | GAIN MUSCLE & BURN FAT !!

Whether you are a professional athlete or have just started, you should go for HIIT instead of traditional cardio exercises for best results. Gain more muscle and loose fat at the same time.

What is HIIT ?

HIIT is termed as High Interval Intensity Training. This training consists of different levels of slow, medium and fast exercise with appropriate rest in between and require maximum level of efforts.

The best part is that HIIT training doesn’t require any equipment and one can do this anytime anywhere. So, there should be no excuse now 🙂

Get up and start HIIT.

Benefits of High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) :

  1. HIIT is really good for burning calories.
  2. After HIIT, your body burns calories up to 48 hours because it is really intense and you actually create the metabolic disturbance.
  3. It increases the cardio-vascular endurance unlike traditional cardio sessions.
  4. HIIT will increase the muscle content unlike steady state cardio exercises which loose the muscle.
  5. Improves the cardiovascular and pulmonary health.
  6. HIIT increases the growth hormone (HGH)
  7. It decreases the insulin resistance and increases the glucose uptake.
  8. A study shows that by doing HIIT for seven weeks, a group of people achieved to loose 7 times more fat then traditional cardio exercises.
  9. HIIT replace the energy levels.
  10. It repairs the damage tissue.

How often to do HIIT ?

HIIT can be done 2-3 times a week on alternate days. The session of HIIT should not be increased by 4-5 mins initially but if you are at advanced level then you can increase the interval as per your body demands.

There are n number of combination of exercises which you can make for HIIT. For instance, you can add plank-cycling-jumping-push ups-squats in one row with 30 sec On and 30 sec OFF and repeat it again with more sets and different intensity.

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