Glutamine! | Benefits of Glutamine | Build More Muscles !!

Today, we will discuss the benefits, purpose and importance of ‘Glutamine’ but before that, lets just understand the meaning of Glutamine.

Whats is Glutamine ?

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and non-essential amino acids are naturally produced by our body whereas essential amino acids are not produced by the body.

Food items which contains Glutamine are kidney beans, chicken, meat, fish & spinach.

But if you are an athlete or into bodybuilding and working out in the gym more that 5-6 days with serious goals then you need more amino acids in your body for faster recovery.

Why you should take Glutamine ? Benefits of Glutamine ?

Basically, in order to make recovery faster and build more muscles, amino acids are required in the body. When you do muscle training, you actually tear the muscle tissues and in order to make them grow and recover at a faster pace, consuming Glutamine is recommended.

Glutamine is the most underrated supplement and the same is neglected by most of the people. But if you are serious about your results then you must add Glutamine in your supplement stack.

When to take Glutamine ?

The best time to take Glutamine is post workout when your body needs to recover the teared muscle tissues. Also, you can consume Glutamine early in the morning when your body craves for nutrients.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to consume Glutamine before you go to bed in the night as your body goes into the repairing mode.


How much Glutamine to consume ?

The dosage which you consume for the best results is described below :

  1. Early Morning : 5 grams
  2. Post Workout : 5 grams
  3. Before Sleep : 5 grams

Always remember to drink at-least 3-4 liters of water everyday so that the supplements and their nutrients can be supplied to blood stream and finally to your muscles and you can get better results.