How To Loose Belly Fat ? | Tips for Reducing Belly fat !! | The Urban Fitness

One of the major concern with most of the people is that they struggle too much to reduce the belly fat. They often get irritated by not getting response and results after putting all efforts to achieve this goal.

By doing just crunches or cardio will not help at all. In order to loose the belly fat, you need to train the whole body and not just a single body part. One thing which you need to understand is that spot reduction of fat from a particular body part is not going to happen unless you go for liposuction or other surgeries which may have many side effects and we never recommend to go for the same.

Loosing belly fat is not tough if proper nutrition and exercise schedule is followed regularly.

Tips for reducing belly fat :

  1. Proper Exercise Routine of All Body Parts :

Start doing exercise and target each body part and train your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and most importantly legs. When you exercise and lift weights, your core also works at the same time which further helps in reducing the body weight.

Do abs exercise post your workout 3-4 times a week and include 2 cardio sessions during the week.

2. Eat Protein Rich Food :

Add more protein in your diet as protein actually helps to reduce the body fat percentage and at the same time adds more muscle content. If you are comfortable eating no-vegetarian food then add chicken and fish in your meals.

However, if you are a vegetarian then please read the top 20 sources of protein for vegetarians which we shared earlier and start accumulating the listed food items in your kitchen so that you can add the same in your diet.


3. Say no to Sugar, Sweets & avoid Sweetened Drinks :

You look what you eat.

Just think for a moment before you add anything in your body. I’m sorry but you have to stop the careless attitude if you want to achieve results and get rid of that belly fat.

Instead of drinking the sugar-sweetened drinks, go for fresh juices. After all. Also, if you are not ready to leave sugar then you can just replace sugar with honey or sugar free tablets for taste.


4. Drink Green Tea :

If you are not already drinking green tea then start drinking from today and make it a regular practice. It will not just help you to loose the belly fat but it may build your immunity to the next level.

Learn all you need to know about Green Tea.