Establish Mind Muscle Connection !! | Technique to build muscles | Get in shape 2017

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Mind Muscle Connection :

Today, I will make to aware with the Mind Muscle Connection technique which is really important to know for fast muscle building. However, if your goal is power lifting then mind muscle connection technique is not for you because in power lifting (strength training), the purpose is to lift really heavy and just to complete the rep.

Its not always the hard work you need to do in the gym, smart work is really important.


Whenever you are lifting the weight, think of that muscle while lifting the weight and contracting the muscle. If required just tap on the muscle with another hand to make your mind aware. Yes, it sounds weird but just give it a try.

Secondly, feel the motion and stretch throughout during the repetition of a particular muscle you are working on. In addition to this, weight of the dumbbell should be less in the beginning as our purpose in not to stress the ligaments and joints with heavy weights.

Also, if you have just started making the mind muscle connection then make sure that you are lifting light weights otherwise you will not be able to learn the technique.