L Arginine !! | For Insane Pumps, Vascularity & Erectile Dysfunction | Hidden Truth | Benefits of Arginine

The Urban Fitness is dedicated to help reach your goals in short period of time by providing the proper nutrition and supplementation knowledge and today we will share the knowledge on L Arginine.

The information we share on health and fitness is something which your coach , established bodybuilders and fitness consultants will never tell you because if you achieve the results then they won’t be able to fetch big money from you.

Moreover, you should never follow the supplement stack blindly and try to learn if it is actually required for your body.

Without further ado, lets get straight to L- Arginine and learn the hidden truth.

What is L Arginine ?

L-Arginine is a conditional amino acid which our body doesn’t produce naturally but the same is found in various food items like nuts, seeds, dairy products and fish. However, there is a limit of eating these products as other nutrients like calories and fats are also associated.

So, in order to fulfill the need of our body, we have to supplement Arginine in the form of capsules.

L-Arginine is a cost effective supplement and is tried and tested from years. There are no side effects of L-Arginine till date instead it has numerous benefits.

How L Arginine works?

L-Arginine produces nitric oxide (NO) which is a very famous term and is often used by most of the supplement manufacturers.

Now, the nitric oxide (NO) helps to open the blood vessels which further enhances the supply of blood and nutrients in the working muscle more efficiently.

Also, the vascularity (visible veins) takes place automatically as Nitric oxide has widen the blood vessels.

Benefits of L Arginine !!

  1. It builds the immunity.
  2. Effective with people suffering from high blood pressure issues : It widens the arteries which are narrowed because of cholesterol deposits.
  3. Protein Synthesis.
  4. Insane pumps during the workout.
  5. Efficient & Productive workout.
  6. Improves Vascularity (visible veins).
  7. Improve fertility among both men and women.

How much L-Arginine you can take and what is the best time to take it ?

1. For gym going people, you can consume 1 gram of L-Arginine before you workout or add the same with your pre-workout drink.

2. For the people who are taking L Arginine to improve erectile dysfunction : You can consume up to 5 gram of L Arginine even if you are not working out in the gym because this supplement is totally safe and 100% tried and tested with proven results.