Swimming is considered as one of the best cardio in this planet. It is a full body workout which makes your body lean and fit while building solid abs.

When you start swimming, the first lesson is floating. In floating, the coach will teach you to balance your body in the water followed by mouth breathing (fill up your lungs with oxygen and exhale while you are in the swimming pool).

Once you learn the basics of swimming which includes floating, mouth breathing and leg beating, you are all-set to swim in a couple of days.

Always remember to wear Swimming Goggles to protect your eyes from chlorinated water of the swimming pool.

Also, in order to protect your hairs from the chlorine present in the water, wearing Swimming Cap is highly recommended.

Benefits of Swimming !!

  1. It improves the heart rate and blood flow.
  2. Makes you body lean, fit and attractive.
  3. Swimming Breast-Stroke for 30 minutes will burn approx. 367K calories which beats cycling and running.
  4. Stress relieving : Lowers the stress and tension while you spend some time in the water.
  5. Mood Up-lifter : Swimming stimulates the serotonin which is a feel good hormone.
  6. Strengthens your muscles : Water is thicker than air and the resistance of water is 44 times greater than air so it takes more effort to move your body in the water.
  7. Sound Sleep : Swimming improves sleep. People who swim regularly are the least likely to report sleep disorders.
  8. Swimming is Low-Impact : Around 90% of your body weight is buoyant when you swim, so you are bearing only 10% of your weight which allows for greater ease of movement with less strain placed on bones, joints and muscles.
  9. Its sweat free : While swimming, your constant body movement generates up to 88% of your body heat but as you stay in water, it gets cooled down and never makes you sweaty.
  10. Prevents Diabetes : A daily swimming session with a balanced diet helps in controlling blood sugar levels
  11. Reduces Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels


**Please do not jump-in the pool without taking swimming lessons.


Establish Mind Muscle Connection !! | Technique to build muscles | Get in shape 2017

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Mind Muscle Connection :

Today, I will make to aware with the Mind Muscle Connection technique which is really important to know for fast muscle building. However, if your goal is power lifting then mind muscle connection technique is not for you because in power lifting (strength training), the purpose is to lift really heavy and just to complete the rep.

Its not always the hard work you need to do in the gym, smart work is really important.


Whenever you are lifting the weight, think of that muscle while lifting the weight and contracting the muscle. If required just tap on the muscle with another hand to make your mind aware. Yes, it sounds weird but just give it a try.

Secondly, feel the motion and stretch throughout during the repetition of a particular muscle you are working on. In addition to this, weight of the dumbbell should be less in the beginning as our purpose in not to stress the ligaments and joints with heavy weights.

Also, if you have just started making the mind muscle connection then make sure that you are lifting light weights otherwise you will not be able to learn the technique.





Train your legs as hard as you train the other body parts. 

Why it is necessary ? Because when you workout the legs and thighs – Testosterone level increases in the body which is the most essential hormone for muscle growth and indirectly enhances the growth and clarity of other muscle groups of your body. Also, you never want to have an uneven body with big biceps, nice looking shoulders with unappealing legs.

Moreover, if the foundation is strong then the upper structure becomes more stable. For instance, if the legs of a table are weak then it may not be able to carry enough weight on it.

If you are not already training your legs hard, then start from today. It may take sometime for you to get habitual but when you will start doing it, you will feel the visible difference.

Try to train your legs at-least once in a week. Make sure to maintain your posture- Chest Out & Straight Back. Start with light weights in the beginning and gradually increase them in your later sets.



The biggest mistake people do in the gym is that they try to lift really heavy and just swing their body to & fro. Instead of lifting heavy weights, you should concentrate more on doing quality repetitions while lifting as well as on dropping the weights. The term is know as ”Eccentric Motion”.

When you do the eccentric motion (while completing the repetition), you will feel the pump and stretch in your muscles immediately. Do not do the formality of lifting heavy weights and just dropping it off. Even if you are doing 10-12 reps, do it properly by lifting the weights slowly and follow the eccentric motion when you drop it.

Proper movement is more important than lifting heavy. Of course, lifting heavy is really important as muscles follow the strength but that should be done gradually and not overnight.

Lift only that much of weight which doesn’t affects your posture and movement of the muscle. For instance, if you are doing the biceps exercise then make sure that your shoulders and back is rigid and your complete focus is over the biceps.


Its not always about crunches to build solid core, you should try doing plank to strengthen your core and bring out the abs.

I know it gets really hectic after 1 hour of intense weight lifting but if you could give just 3 minutes for plank at the end, you have just accomplished your abs exercise for the day.

Set the clock to 60 seconds in your stopwatch or fit-band and do 3 sets of plank with 30 seconds of rest after each set.

Make sure that your body is in a straight line over the Yoga Mat and your hips are not moving in the upward direction.

Moreover, you should pull your stomach inside(most important part). The butterfly feeling in your stomach indicates that your plank position is perfect ;).

Keep breathing while you are in the plank position.