Shock Your Muscles To Grow !! | Tips To Grow Your Muscles

We are receiving too many queries from the people that they unable to add  muscle plus finding it tough to add inches on biceps and grow other body parts even after following regular exercise schedule & eating clean diet.

Basically, they have reached the plateau where the muscles are not responding effectively. This happens because the body gets used to a particular exercise schedule and do not respond the same way as it used to do in the beginning.

The body is aware that you will do lift a particular weight with calculated repetitions and defined number of sets.

You can also call this as ‘Comfort Zone’.

In order to get rid of the plateau and to gain more muscle, one should try with different variations of exercise and change the workout schedule every 6 weeks.

There are different combinations which you can try to develop the muscles and the same are listed below :

  1. Increase repetitions : If you do 10-12 repetitions then increase them to 14-16 or 16-18.
  2. Lift heavy weights : If your lifting weights from sometime now then its time to increase the weights. Try to add at-least 5-10 pounds in every set.
  3. Change the type of exercise : Add different types of exercise instead of performing the basic one. Try free weights instead of working with machines.
  4. Drop Sets : Make the last set of every exercise to be the drop set. Make sure to take help of a friend or trainer to remove the weights gradually.
  5. Take complete rest : Sleep minimum 7-8 hours a day for faster recovery. It will actually help you to gain more muscle.
  6. Take leave form gym : Just relax and do not go to gym for a week. I know this is the most difficult part once you are in a habit of performing regular exercises but in order to exit the plateau, you have to do this. Once you start the gym again, I bet that you will feel the same pump and soreness which you felt when you joined gym for the first time.


10 Gym Mistakes To Avoid | Build Your Physique Faster | The Urban Fitness


Everyone make mistakes in the gym during the initial phase but we want to make sure that you should not be doing the same. In order to achieve your goal, the following mistakes must be avoided.


Mistake 1 : Skipping Warm Up Session

This is a very common mistake which people do in the gym. They generally skip the warm up and start lifting weights as soon as they enter in the gym.

Warm up is really important as it prepares your body to start lifting and eliminates the risk of injury. Moreover, it increase the blood flow in your muscles.

Always remember to go for a 5-10 minutes of warm up session before you start lifting weights.

Learn all the benefits of Warm Up.


Mistake 2 : Lack of Knowledge

Another issue with beginners is lack of knowledge which is perfect fine because its just the start and one cannot expect them to know everything.

Also, one should have a learning attitude and never think that you it all. There are many skills which you need to master in fitness. So,never be afraid to ask simple and silly questions.


Mistake 3 : Over Training

It is a very big misconception that if your train more then you will achieve results in short period of time.

Even if you train 45-60 minutes in the beginning, you are all set and leave for your home. There is no point of training in the gym for 2-3 hours a day initially as it will not going to help you.

‘Slow and steady wins the race’


Mistake 4 : Inconsistency

You need to be consistent with your training and nutrition. Just by joining the gym will not give you results unless you workout everyday and follow a balanced diet.

Workout in the gym at-least 4-5 days in a week even if your schedule is busy. You need to take out time for your goals and to be fit in life.


Mistake 5 : Improper Form

Don’t copy people in the gym.

Maybe few of them are training from 6 months and few with the huge muscles are working out from years.

Always learn from your trainer or coach as you may need to perform different exercises as per your goal.


Mistake 6 : Peer Pressure

Never get disappointed in your life because you may have many other qualities and a different personality which your friends or seniors may not have.

It takes time to build muscles and grow body and nothing can be achieved overnight. You just need to be consistent with your exercise routine and nutrition with the goal in your mind.


Mistake 7 : Rely On Supplements

If your diet is not right then supplements will never help you. Supplements just give you an extra edge and help you with the nutrients which you are lacking in your body.

If you are purchasing any supplement then you must be aware of the functionality of that products because you may or may not require that particular ingredient to achieve your results. So, instead of wasting your money, try to gain as much knowledge as possible before running to a supplement store.


Mistake 8 : No Goals

If you do not have a goal then how will you achieve that. Make short or long term goals and do the required hard work with proper nutrition and exercise plan.

You must have a road map with you otherwise you can be lost in the journey.


Mistake 9 : Impossible of Vegetarians

One of the biggest myth among the vegetarian people is that they lack protein content in their diet and they can never build a aesthetic physique.

In order to bust this myth, we have consolidated a list of top 20 food items for vegetarians which are rich in protein.

You just need to collect all these items and store them in your kitchen.


Mistake 10 : Steroid Use

Every teenager and young people are talking about steroids. Even if they have just joined the gym, they just talk about steroids most of the time but they unaware of the side effects which people undergo after injecting steroids in their bodies.

Just focus on your exercise, nutrition and give your 100% in the gym. Steroids may give you results for short duration but don’t even know the side effects which you have to suffer throughout your life.






Lower back pain is a severe concern and it should be given topmost priority and must be corrected immediately as it may convert into chronic pain if neglected for sometime.

One of the best way to correct lower back pain is by doing lower back exercises on regular basis. By doing the lower back pain exercises, you actually makes the lower back muscles strong and flexible.

Bhujangasana :

Lets start with the Bhunjangasana information. Bhujangasana is also known as ‘Cobra Pose’ which is a sanskrit word. Bhujanga means ‘Snake’ and Asana means ‘Posture’.

Bhujangasana is also considered as one of the best remedy for lower back pain treatment as per the traditional yoga books and healing teachers.


Bhujangasana Benefits :

There are many benefits of doing Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) and the same are listed below :

  1. Bhujangasana helps strengthens the spine.
  2. It increases the body temperature or heat which further eliminates the diseases from body.
  3. Doing Bhujangasana regularly makes the lower back muscles strong.
  4. Bhujangasana is considered as one of the best remedy for lower back pain treatment.
  5. Moreover, it helps in relieving stress and fatigue. So, whenever you are stressed out then do Bhunjangasana and you will be fine.
  6. It is also the best stretching exercise and stretches the chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs. One can schedule Bhujangasana post workout in the gym.

How to do Bhujangasana ? Bhujangasana steps and precautions :

Step 1 : Take a yoga mat and lie down with your stomach facing the floor.

Step 2 : Put your hands right below the shoulders.

Steps 3 : By taking the support of your hands, move your body in the upward direction and make your chest up. Make sure that lower part of your stomach touches the ground.

Step 4 : Join your legs of the floor and it should be straight.

Step 5 : Keep breathing in this posture for 10-15 seconds.

Step 6 : Slowly come down by breathing out.

Repeat this exercise 2-3 times and do it regularly as per your convenience to get the best out of it

Precautions :

  1. Do not stretch too much and if you have a yoga trainer or coach available then take his help and take the confirmation of your posture.
  2. Make sure you are wearing loose clothes and not a tight outfit while performing this exercise.
  3. Try to do this exercise in the morning or post 3 hours of having a meal.

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What is HIIT ? | 10 Benefits of HIIT | GAIN MUSCLE & BURN FAT !!

Whether you are a professional athlete or have just started, you should go for HIIT instead of traditional cardio exercises for best results. Gain more muscle and loose fat at the same time.

What is HIIT ?

HIIT is termed as High Interval Intensity Training. This training consists of different levels of slow, medium and fast exercise with appropriate rest in between and require maximum level of efforts.

The best part is that HIIT training doesn’t require any equipment and one can do this anytime anywhere. So, there should be no excuse now 🙂

Get up and start HIIT.

Benefits of High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) :

  1. HIIT is really good for burning calories.
  2. After HIIT, your body burns calories up to 48 hours because it is really intense and you actually create the metabolic disturbance.
  3. It increases the cardio-vascular endurance unlike traditional cardio sessions.
  4. HIIT will increase the muscle content unlike steady state cardio exercises which loose the muscle.
  5. Improves the cardiovascular and pulmonary health.
  6. HIIT increases the growth hormone (HGH)
  7. It decreases the insulin resistance and increases the glucose uptake.
  8. A study shows that by doing HIIT for seven weeks, a group of people achieved to loose 7 times more fat then traditional cardio exercises.
  9. HIIT replace the energy levels.
  10. It repairs the damage tissue.

How often to do HIIT ?

HIIT can be done 2-3 times a week on alternate days. The session of HIIT should not be increased by 4-5 mins initially but if you are at advanced level then you can increase the interval as per your body demands.

There are n number of combination of exercises which you can make for HIIT. For instance, you can add plank-cycling-jumping-push ups-squats in one row with 30 sec On and 30 sec OFF and repeat it again with more sets and different intensity.

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Warm up is really important before starting the workout and it should not be missed in any case. Just spend 5-10 minutes and see the improved performance of yours during the workout session.

By doing warm up regularly, you can reduce the chances of injury and muscle damage.

Why you should warm up before lifting weights or exercise ?

  1. It increases the blood flow to the muscles.
  2. Doing warm up will decrease the muscular stiffness.
  3. By doing a little 5 min warm up you can actually increase your speed and strength.
  4. Reduces the risk of injury.
  5. Improves muscle elasticity.
  6. Prevents overheating of muscles during workout.
  7. It increases the range of motion.

Warm up exercises which you can perform pre-workout ?

  1. Push Up Bars : Do 2-3 sets of Push Ups with 10-15 reps each.
  2. Rotate you shoulders in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
  3. Stretch your arms.
  4. Do some squats and stretch your legs.
  5. Move your wrist in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
  6. Head movements : Rotate your head slowly up-down and left-right.
  7. Use the treadmill and run for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Cycling can be done for few minutes.
  9. Have a small session on Elliptical Machine.
  10. Use Step Platform to go up and come down 5-10 times and carry some weight if possible.
  11. Use Resistance Band to warm up a particular muscle. Also, you can carry along these bands when you are travelling.

It is always recommended to warm up that particular muscle which you are going to train on that day. For instance, if it is your leg day, make sure you do some squats and leg stretching before starting the actual workout session.

In order to achieve the desired results and the extra pump, it is really important that the blood should flow properly in the working muscle.

Once you complete the workout, do some stretching of that muscle group. For example, if you have completed the chest exercise then stretch you chest for 5 minutes and cool down the muscle.